Top tips for transformation in a smaller housing association

South Lakes Housing has been on a journey of transformation over the last 18 months. This 3,200 unit, Cumbria-based LSVT enlisted the help of Golden Marzipan to enable the growth outlined in their new Greening, Growing and Transforming 2025 corporate strategy by focusing on on the transformation of it’s people, processes and technology. 

Hilda Kaponda, Executive Director of Resources and Stephen Roe, Head of Business Transformation kindly shared their story with us here. Take a look below at their top tips for anyone in the housing sector embarking on a similar transformation journey:

  1. Check first

Before you start the transformation process, use an organisation like Golden Marzipan to think through what it is you’re trying to do. They will help you consider gaps in your thinking and challenge where necessary, this was really valuable.

  1. Don’t just buy tech

New technology is not necessarily the answer. Sometimes it’s the people or the data that needs sorting, not new applications.

  1. Don’t assume everyone understands what you’re trying to do

Strong communications are key. Sometimes messages are more effective coming from a third party like Golden Marzipan as people tend to listen more to an external voice.  

  1. Own the change

Develop internal talent and teams so that change isn’t a ‘once and done’, it becomes part of what you do.

  1. Don’t panic!

It’s important to plan, but this is an iterative process. You will learn things along the way and things will change.

For more information on how Golden Marzipan can help you make your change vision into a reality contact us today. We offer free initial workshops, so you can see whether our services and advisors meet your needs, with no obligation or risk.  Simply email to say hello!

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