Human-centred design

Putting people first, we will help you design and develop real solutions that work with your stakeholders

The Marzipan Way

The Marzipan Way is about collaboration, change and empowerment, and at the heart of this is people.

This part of our framework considers the customers your organisation serves, the staff you employ and the other stakeholders you answer to.

Digital services

Assessing your digital maturity, we help social housing organisations to understand how to engage and communicate in a digital world, both internally and externally. From exploring exciting and innovative technologies to recommending and implementing software solutions that provide a better customer experience, we’ll determine where you are in your journey and where you could be.

Digital customer experience

Your online services should be user-friendly and accessible, providing timely responses for a seamless experience. It’s about making digital interactions as pleasant and easy as a friendly face-to-face chat.

We’ll work with you on making that seamless experience a reality. Our focuses include:

  • Core services

From online rent payments to community forums, residents should have a broad range of services at their fingertips.

  • Communication channels

Open channels for feedback, satisfaction measures, and multiple ways to contact the housing provider.

  • Security and accessibility

Reliable, secure, and user-friendly services that are accessible to all, with support readily available.

Design thinking

Design thinking is a way of leveraging technology that enhances services and supports transformation, all while feeling human.

Explore exciting technologies like mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence, and more, all designed with people in mind. Balance the introduction of the innovative with the support of an organisation with hands-on experience of implementing it with other clients.

We’ll work with you to challenge assumptions and develop solutions that consider all potential users, through empathy, understanding, and collaboration.

Digital skills and training

Updating digital skills isn’t just for staff. Educating your stakeholders empowers them and will elevate your services, ensuring people are making the most of your technology.

Staff digital literacy

Equip your team with digital skills through training and development. It’s about communicating, creating, sharing, and problem-solving in a digital world.

How do you empower your team? We consider:

  • Tools and equipment

Ensuring staff have what they need to excel in the digital world.

  • Assessment and learning

Regular assessment of digital literacy, comprehensive training programs, and continuous learning opportunities.

  • Leadership and inclusion

Digital Champions to inspire change, leadership that values digital skills, and inclusive initiatives for all staff.


Tenant digital literacy

Support your tenants in improving their digital skills. It’s about community, inclusion, and empowerment.

How do we support you in bridging the digital divide? We assess:

  • Purpose and core services

Recognising digital inclusion as a priority, ensuring simplicity, and incorporating digital skills into everyday services.

  • Devices and internet

Supporting the cost of access and providing affordable options.

  • Digital literacy training

Collaborating with local services, providing training within the community, and engaging with local groups.

A tailored solution

We are not a one-size-fits-all kind of organisation. Our framework is in place to ensure that we consider all of the contributory factors to your digital transformation so that you can have the most successful project possible.

By collaborating with us, you gain access to an expert digital advisor and our well-established methodology – The Marzipan Way. We’ll provide comprehensive materials, insights, and resources, empowering you to continue your digital journey at your pace.

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