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We recognise that many housing associations may have similar change issues but have very different starting points and capabilities.  Demands for accelerated change are high, however our recent experience tells us that people and culture are a primarily focus for many organisations as it’s colleagues that make the real difference in the sector. And this goes back to the marzipan!

Nevertheless, no two organisations or challenges are the same. From the CEO who desperately wants to change the culture of their organisation, to the IT Director looking to improve efficiency by streamlining multiple systems or the Transformation Director who wants to improve the customer journey through improved processes – our clients often approach us with very different challenges and from different perspectives. And whilst the issues and solutions are unique, what often unites them is that change is needed, but the road to a solution is messy with multiple perceived barriers – that’s where we can help.

To provide some inspiration, here are some stories from our clients about how they’ve achieved successful change outcomes. These all demonstrate how the power of collaboration can make a difference.  

4 ways Golden Marzipan can help you deliver change

Read more about what our clients and friends say on how we have supported them in delivering change.

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