Making change stick in Social Housing

We are Golden Marzipan Group

We are change advisers.

The drive to evolve for a digital world is inescapable, and thanks to COVID19 even more urgent. The speed and scale of transformation mean that decision-making around business and digital transformation has moved from IT to business leaders.

Golden Marzipan are tech-savvy advisers who think that people are the most crucial part of the equation in changing processes, software, data, infrastructure and technology.

We help organisations plan for change.

We help ensure your people are engaged and committed to making change a success in your organisation. We help build internal change capability from the CEO to the caretaker, through internal change agents and as part of business as usual. We provide support, advice and guidance for the more complex aspects of the change along with the implementation and adoption of new technologies.

Our values

We chose the Battenburg as a symbol of our approach. The four quadrants reflect the prevailing technologies, but the essential aspect is the Golden Marzipan wrapping everything together – reflecting people and culture.

The key for our clients is that we know how to combine them effectively. Our team has decades of experience working to transform businesses. We’ve worked hands on as well as advising Boards, and we’ve won awards for the improvements we’ve made.


We care about the solutions we provide. We use our experience and knowledge to develop solutions that are fresh, crafted and curated so that they fit in with your culture.

Bread and Dough

We’re not in this for the money. We bring a flexible and agile approach with reasonable, affordable fees. You can even taste before you buy, and our breakfast events are free.


Just like in every community there is a unique, thriving bakery or café providing the local people with what they want. We won’t give you someone else’s crumbs!

Who we're working with

Our expertise

Our approach is to understand your organisation so that we can tailor a solution to your needs. We start by helping our clients think about their goals to deliver greater value and outcomes.


Using your data to predict the future with our specialist software.

Process Automation

New technology to automate manual processes.

Target process model

Streamlining your ways of working.


Using the right technology to improve customer and user experience.


Bringing employees and customers on the journey to change mindset and culture.

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