Digital assessment

Ensuring your organisation has an effective approach to ICT governance

Why undertake a digital assessment?

Let’s face it, the pace of change in ICT and digital is staggering. Just as you get to grips with one element of new tech another one becomes front and centre. And just as one cyber threat is addressed, it feels like there’s a waiting room of digital terrorists waiting to pounce.

With increasing focus on governance breaches by the social housing regulator and the possibility that your business could be brought to a standstill with inadequate ICT and digital security, many non-exec and executive teams are feeling exposed.  This is often further compounded by a lack of ICT expertise at this senior level.

The Golden Marzipan digital assessment is a health check that provides senior teams with a no-nonsense, impartial analysis of your organisations maturity across a number of key areas. This crucial insight can be used to inform an ICT strategy that, once implemented, provides a welcome reassurance that your organisation has a robust approach to ICT and digital.  

How a digital assessment can help

The Golden Marzipan digital assessment provides an assessment of your organisation’s ICT maturity against the ICT Good Governance Framework. The Framework provides a common set of standards across a numbers of key ICT Governance considerations including:

  • Strategy, business alignment and value for money
  • Programme and project management
  • ICT service and change management
  • Resources, partnership and procurement
  • Data management
  • Risk management and business continuity

Benefits to your organisation:

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