Coaching and development

Increase your organisation’s capacity for transformational change with business coaching

Why business coaching and development?

Increase your organisation’s capacity for transformational change and digital adoption. Whether it’s formal training, individual coaching or as a light-touch critical friend, we have an approach that will help make your change stick.

How coaching and development can help

Develop your organisation’s capacity for change. Whether it’s through formal leadership training on our Liberating Leadership programme. Or a more bespoke approach through one-to-one business coaching or as a critical friend. We can help you to:

  • Increase confidence
  • Unpick tricky problems
  • Grow capacity for ICT, customer experience and other change related specialisms
  • Develop your digital competence, enabling you to speak more confidently in the digital space
  • Strengthen your organisation’s leadership capabilities

The outcome

You and your organisation are ready for change. You have the confidence to not only lead change, but to also explore the digital opportunities that are available to you. You have greater strategic input from your senior and ICT team. And when you’re afraid to ask what those three-letter IT acronyms really mean or whether you’re actually getting value for money from technology – you have a ‘critical friend’ to call for some no-nonsense advice.

Benefits to your organisation:

Benefits to you:

"I’ve found that it’s almost like having a business coach where you can have those bigger conversations around how I take forward transformation and change the culture."
Neil Blanchard
CEO. Southdown Housing

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