Digital transformation

Helping social housing providers make innovative changes that stick

The Marzipan Way

The four elements of our assessment framework take a holistic approach to digital excellence in social housing. When it comes to digital transformation, we understand that organisations are ready for change – and need it to continue to improve and grow. We can help you to manage this transformation to achieve your goals.

We know you’re spinning a lot of plates. From running stand-alone programmes and projects to changing culture, managing your partnerships to innovation, our collaborative approach will guide you through this transformation.

Changing for the better

Once we’ve assessed your digital maturity, we’ll know what resources you have – and need – to make impactful changes, and how you can best manage that transition.

Programmes and projects

We’ll work with you to manage projects and changes to achieve your digital goals. This means developing a comprehensive digital transformation plan with a clear vision, strategies, objectives, timelines, and KPIs. We’ll support you with regular “lessons learned” sessions to help move the project forward.

We can help you set up a Programme Board to oversee progress, effective project management capabilities (a Project Management Office (PMO) in larger organisations), and robust contract management with external vendors.

Change and culture

Change needs to be carefully managed internally to get the best from your staff. We’ll help you navigate the human element of managing change, including business processes, communication, staff roles, and new service models. It’s about evolving together.

A seamless change management strategy will be needed that aligns with the programme, with leaders acting as dedicated advocates for change.

Clear communications and staff engagement are important for a successful transformation. You’ll need comprehensive internal communication mechanisms and active engagement of end users.

Our aim is to leave you with a target operating model: a dynamic, customer-centric service delivery model, comprehensive workforce plan, and a policy for continuous training and development.

Partnership and procurement

We’ll work with you to examine current and potential partnerships. We’ll help you put into place rigorous practices that comply with UK regulations, prioritise transparency, and consider social responsibility.

Need help sourcing opportunities for collaborative procurement and alignment with evolving objectives? We can do that too.

When it comes to contract and account management, building resilient relationships with technology vendors, early engagement in project planning, and robust contract management procedures will help you get ahead of the changes.

Innovation and collaboration

Collaborate and innovate with local communities, government bodies, and industry networks. It’s about being part of something bigger.

Get ahead by collaborating with government bodies and finding grants or funding opportunities.

Develop meaningful engagement with the wider digital ecosystem, be an active member in industry associations, and collaborate with digital providers.

Are you ready to innovate? Golden Marzipan can help you participate in technology-focused events, pilot projects, and partnerships with universities, innovation hubs, or research institutions.

Managing change

Whether you know the change you want to see, or just know that there needs to be change within your organisation, we can help. Wherever you are in your journey, our tailored approach takes into consideration all aspects of your organisation to guide you through your transformation.

Keep in touch

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