Strategic alignment

Helping you align your senior team behind a single vision of change

Why strategic alignment?

Picture this, you’ve been challenged to find a solution to an issue, but you recognise that you can’t fix it in isolation and you need your senior team to be aligned behind a single vision before you can move forward. Sound familiar?

With decades of experience in the housing sector, this is a scenario we come across a lot. Often senior managers are tasked to make decisions on a direction of travel because they lead a team where it’s perceived the challenge should sit, with sometimes very little consideration about the ripple of impact that decision could have.  

How strategic alignment can help

Strategic alignment helps your senior team to efficiently agree a vision and direction of travel to resolve a single challenge, so that you can move into implementation with business-wide buy in.  In this tried and tested rapid process our skilled advisors provide structure and space to explore views and options, skilfully navigating your senior team to a place of collective agreement.

The outcome

You have an agreed direction of travel from which to build a cohesive implementation plan that works for your entire organisation. Enabling you to make the change at your own pace.

Benefits to your organisation:

Benefits to you:

"...I was absolutely blown away by the ease of the virtual facilitation and how the workshop was structured"
Jo Francom
Assistant Director HR

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