Digital Coaching and Critical Friend

Afraid to ask what those three-letter acronyms that IT use really mean?

Afraid to ask what those three-letter acronyms that IT use really mean? Scared of a cyber incident? How do you know you’re getting value for money from technology? 

There are three broad areas where we can help you confidently develop your ICT strategies and approaches through a light touch critical friend arrangement. 

Collaboration and confidence 

You have a clear vision for your service and products but can’t seem to get it past technical experts or persuade others of the need for resources and investment. You just can’t seem to get traction. We can help you think from different angles and to challenge constructively.  

Insight and analysis 

Sometimes what you need is a person you trust to provide some objectivity on particular problems or struggles you’re having. These could be professional struggles, or they could be #firstworldproblems. Either way, through discussion, a way forward usually develops by reflecting on the conversation. 

Digital Competence 

We are not all technologically inclined and gifted and you may find new platforms, channels and jargon is putting you at a disadvantage as a modern collaborative leader. We won’t send you on a systems training course, but we can help you master the public-facing skills you need and improve your agility and confidence. 

Do you have a Head of IT who is good at technology but doesn’t see their role as a strategic business partner? Would they benefit from some mentoring from a seasoned IT leader that puts customers before computers? 

IT Leadership Coach 

You have an IT manager who you would like to take to the next level and they themselves want to develop their leadership (non-technical skills) further. Most IT colleagues prefer to learn from others who are equally technical. With our regular 1:1 coaching, our experienced IT directors will meet your manager remotely at a frequency set by yourself and help them develop their leadership skills.  

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