When you look back at 2020, what’s your story going to be? Here is the Magenta Story

“Ultimately, the greatest lesson that COVID-19 can teach humanity is that we are all in this together.”
– Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Biocon Limited.

It is that time of the year. December is here. A time for reflection (and also celebration), it’s been a year of resilience, learning fast, and agility. A real challenge for all. With a few weeks left in 2020, and when thinking about our last blog post of the year, the Golden Marzipan group wanted to take some time to reflect on the challenges and achievements. We started the year with a drive to offer agile working and digital transformation, talking about empowering businesses in the sector by promoting better customer and employee engagement. As Covid19 continued to hit our economy and organisations, the pace of digital transformation started to steadily replace more traditional approaches. It brought us better-set ups for remote working, enforced speed and innovations, improved our air quality and reduced pollution levels, and forced us to work more efficiently from any location. It’s also given us more time for our personal lives, due to less travel and commuting time, but also greater economic and social anxiety and uncertainty. Our challenge as we look back is to ask our leaders “Is this extraordinary year going to define you, or are you going to define it?” Captain Tom was certainly not going to let his 99th year be defined by the coronavirus! So, what’s your 2020 story going to be? While presenting our Breakfast Briefings to discuss better digital transformation proposals and leveraging organisational expertise to achieve more with less effort, we thought it was increasingly important for businesses across the sector to prepare a strategic start to 2021. If you have been following the Magenta Quest then you will have seen that Fiona and her team have like Captain Tom defined 2020. This has been their 2020 Story.

A year of radical transformation

For our last Breakfast Briefing of the season, Fiona Astor, Assistant Director at Magenta Living joined us for the fourth instalment of our ongoing story of The Magenta Quest. Fiona also took a look back at the year so far – discussing the many challenges her organisation has overcome as well as the future goals they have set for this coming year. Fiona recognised that although the year hadn’t gone according to the company’s plans. The well-laid plans they prepared for Magenta Living went out the window thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic forced all them to rethink the way the conducted business. Magenta responded quickly by prioritising digital and agile transformation. Trying to minimise the impact on business continuity, they also leveraged their expertise in collaborative remote work. During this unprecedented time, they shifted focus to their workforce and their customers while keeping both safe “while still delivering the services they needed”, said Fiona. Fastracking became Magenta’s signature move with many employees championing volunteering in the community and accelerating their digital strategy. They are celebrating that they’ve been working together, not allowing remoteness to keep them apart.

We’ve been climbing to the 2020’s summit with great perseverance and determination. It’s time to reflect. 

2020: The year we talked about equality, and inclusion
 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” 
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sam Cummins (Tenancy Enforcement Team Leader) had the time to join Fiona, sharing her experience of being an ED&I champion at Magenta Living and how she has seen the organisation shift over the past 12 months. In Sam’s words, “Equality and Diversity is a subject that will always be close to my heart.” In this spirit of effective confrontation, Magenta gave Sam a safe place to express her own experiences, bringing to light some issues only understood by the BAME working community. Pushing herself outside the comfort zone, Sam has campaigned relentlessly with policies and procedures at Magenta by offering her voice to help the organisation to improve their culture. Back to October this year, Magenta Living shared an E&D staff survey, encouraging all colleagues to complete it.  This inclusive perspective has helped the company to grow in honesty, transparency, and awareness. As Sam commented on her interview with Clare Moore, “we need to understand the past so we can move on to the future.” According to Sam, “equality and diversity do matter, different people have different needs”. She continued affirming “this is the time to start talking about these things and be brave enough to come forward”.

Sam has been a great advocate of the BLM at Magenta Living.

Better together: 4 ways digital business will change in 2021

For 2021, businesses will need digital strategic responses and partnerships to help them define their trajectory. With constricted budgets, building a digital roadmap may occupy a second place. However, this opportunity shouldn’t be wasted. It’s time to balance ambition with investments, adapting to these ever-changing economic circumstances. It’s time to re-shape your organisation’s vision, navigating their immediate challenges, looking for opportunities to grow. With this viewpoint, it will be organisations that leverage their resilience, flexibility and agility that will prosper in 2022. To weather this storm, we need to implement new predictable tactics for an unpredictable future, featuring strategies like:

  • Talking digitalinvesting in digital transformation.
  • Scenario planning – improving your organisation’s risk management.
  • Leading cultural change – empowering people in our organisations.
  • Going Agile – implementing Cloud technologies and facilitating remote work and communications.

Staying connected through the power of togetherness when overcoming the unknown is the ultimate conclusion of this turbulent year.

How will business transformation look like in 2021

 The COVID-19 epidemic has changed both the trajectory and the velocity of digital transformation, and will likely continue to do so into 2021. The trend lines and new priorities facing organizations of all sizes that we observed in 2020 will inform the focus, decisions, and technology investments that drive the list of digital transformation strategies that will define 2021, and hopefully the recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of how this year has gone, we feel most organisation need to take stock  As we look ahead, it’s time to celebrate our victories. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the wins (big or small) and to learn from our mistakes. But it’s important to remember, especially whilst we’re in the midst of it all, that this uncertainty is only a tiny chapter in our organisational lives – by no means is it the whole book! This next chapter will be all about embracing a digital-led future.

It is that time of the year.  Season’s greetings, The GM Group. Best of 2020 If you are curious about the best blog post from this challenging year, then check out our link at the end of the article to our Insights Section for more blog posts on business digital transformation. https://goldenmarzipan.co.uk/insights/

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