Slava Ukraina!!

It is with deep shock and horror that I watch the news and see the country of my parents being bombarded and invaded. It is with a feeling of helplessness that I listen to my cousins and aunts who are still in Ukraine frightened and worried about their lives and future as well as my family members in Poland.

It is also exasperating to watch another country bully and invade another sovereign country, without being able to do anything, with the inevitable crisis that will follow.

Are we to witness these terrible scenes again?

Who would have thought that after two world wars in Europe and the devastations and deaths that were committed that we are possibly on the brink of another? I have recently returned from a trip to Auschwitz and though given the memorials and industrial ethnic cleansing witnessed in that camp, how could we possibly do anything remotely again. Will we ever learn?

As a football fan, I am heartened by the reaction of football clubs and players’ response over the weekend to the events in Ukraine, even those highly cosseted players can see “right from wrong”, maybe a lesson for some of our politicians.

I fear that the increased resistance of the Ukrainian army will, in the end, make matters worse as the Russian army steps up its onslaught to try and achieve its objectives. As in all these cases, it is the innocent civilians that suffer, I fear we are about to see another humanitarian crisis.

This is not a fight between Russia and Ukraine but it is a fight for freedom.

For those of you who are not Ukrainian, you may not appreciate the chant that most Ukrainians rally to, which translated means “Glory Ukraine”.

Slava Ukraina!!

If you would like to donate to the help the humanitarian relief please click here

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