Playlist: Digital Transformation

The best 20 articles or blogs for understanding what is digital transformation? A thought leadership playlist for social housing people. 

Compiled by Steve Dungworth

#01 Exploring Innovation, Transformation and the Future of Housing Delivery

Future Gazing, Future Shaping

The latest ‘Future Gazing, Future Shaping’ report follows on from a series of three reports published in 2016 that outlined a vision for housing in 2025 and how the sector was transforming at the time. What can be learnt from innovations across housing and other sectors.
Michael Appleby and Colin Sales (Altair and 3C) – April 2019

#02 Why landlords must do less, not more, to offer a good service

Keep It SimpleKeeping things simple and focusing on doing a few things well is the way to keep your residents happy. #
Paul Taylor (Bromford) – August 2019

#03 Ten steps to successful digital transformation for charities and non-profits

Ten StepsIf you’re involved with a charitable organisation of some kind, and it’s in that awkward position of being out of touch with the digital world, it’s time to make some changes.
Kayleigh Alexandra (Micro Startups) – April 2019

#04 What is Digital Transformation?
What is digital?In a nutshell, the potential of digital transformation is wide and varied, with projects that range from modernising systems to evolving the core processes of an organisation.
Bobby Hellard (IT Pro) – August 2019

#05 What we’re learning about how the [charitable] sector understands “digital”
DigitalThis is about critical thinking as much as it’s about competencies, particularly as tech continues to evolve and change, and our lives and wider communities change too.
Cassie Robinson (National Lottery) – April 2019

#06 What is Digital Transformation?
Board MembersA Guide for Social Housing Executives / Boards – At Golden Marzipan, we think it’s important that executives and boards have the clarity they need to lead their organisations and meet customers’ growing expectations. Here’s our five-minute guide to digital transformation.
Peter Lunio (GM Group) – July 2019

#07 Is your channel shift target too ambitious?
Channel ShiftWhat should housing associations be doing to pull themselves into a position where residents are beginning to view them in the same way as retail or banking or holidays?
Steve Dungworth (Inside Housing) – May 2019

#08 Four Factors Hindering Transformation
Four FactorsThe problem with good service design is that you don’t notice it. It’s only when you experience truly bad design that you appreciate the good stuff.
Paul Taylor (Bromford) – August 2019

#09 Innovation? It’s a ZIP!
It's a zip!With a theme of ‘transformation,’ we explore insight-led innovation at Premier Inn and the future of customer experiences that can be transferred to the housing sector.
Elaine Middleton (Housemark) – August 2019

#10 Why you should give tenants the freedom to report repairs online
Online RepairsGiving your tenants the freedom to report repairs online will mean they’ll have access to your services at any time of day, from any device – even when your offices are closed.
Rob Walker (Prodo Digital) – August 2019

#11 When is transformation truly transformational – and when’s it not?
Board MembersTry these five tests to see whether your Digital Transformation is truly transformational.
Peter Lunio (Insights with Purpose) – January 2020

#12 Transformation is not a programme
Not a programme!We talk a lot about transformation in government. Transformation sounds impressive, glamorous even, but what does it actually mean?
Emma Stace (Chief Digital Officer, DfE) – July 2019

#13 Helping Croydon Council build a digital strategy in a digital way
Engagementn many corporate environments, strategies do get written in quiet rooms and then ‘sold’ to the people who will deliver them, to get their ‘buy-in’. It needs to be a motivating plan for achieving a vision.
Steph Gray (Helpful MD) – July 2019

#14 Why it’s time to take your documents digital
DocumentsIn the digital age, where computers, spreadsheets and data storage have been around long enough that the idea of entire businesses being run on paper documents is near impossible to imagine, forms and documents are still being used in many organisations.
Esther Kezia Thorpe, Bobby Hellard, Zach Cooper – August 2019

#15 Five ways to avoid digital transformation burnout
BurnoutFatigue can easily undermine digital transformation projects. These five tips should help organisations stay the course.
Duncan Jeffries (Digital Journalist) – July 2019

#16 Fintech is the future and a force for good
FinTechFintech has made its way into mainstream financial services in the UK. Consumers may not recognise the term “fintech”, but they experience it through banking apps allowing them to see multiple accounts, easier ways of validating their identity and many more applications.
Natalie Ceeney CBE (non exec) – August 2019

#17 Neil Tamplin’s Weeknotes
Neil TamplinInsightful weekly blog from digital leader at Valleys to Coast HA.
Neil Tamplin – since at least 2016

#18 Transformation Without Technology
People Not TechJust because digital technologies are causing many of the challenges companies face, it doesn’t mean that technology is necessarily the solution to those problems.
Gerald C. Kane (Boston College) – July 2019

#19 Dos and Dont’s of CX Automation
CX AutomationCustomer service automation (CSA) is an incredible tool which promises high profitability, increased customer satisfaction, and maximum productivity.
Atif M (CEO of Inqline) – June 2019

#20 Digital transformation: online guide to digital business transformation
Online GuideIn this online guide we explore the essence of digital transformation as a vision to take this journey, its evolutions and how it is present across various business processes and industries.

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