Now That’s What I Call #NavigatingTheCrisis Vol 1

Breakfast Briefings Blogs  – Our Greatest Hits

Over the last 12 weeks, we have been running Breakfast Briefings for leaders in social housing organisations. We would like to thank you for attending and for many of you returning week after week. You have become our friends! Thank you.

For those of you who might have missed a session, we have created our Greatest Hits album: #navigatingthecrisis vol 1!

The 5Rs

Resolve | Resilience | Return | Reimagine | Reform

Others have created their own versions, but we admired the McKinsey 5R model and we have stuck with them. We recommend their insights but Golden Marzipan is adding value by adding McKinsey to our social housing knowledge and experience to provide you with bespoke advice and guidance.

At Easter, we gave you an overview of the 5Rs. Read Peter’s blog.


We all quickly adjusted to the Zoom culture. Andrew’s first Zoom presentation on “connecting and collaborating at home” was well received by you all. His advice has stood the test of time we have ensured that we have kept our sessions informal, informative, and involving participants. Click on the graphic if you would like a copy.


The resilience and mental health of people has been a recurring theme throughout our conversations. Golden Marzipan was particularly pleased to support Mental health Awareness Week in May.

However, our session #8 on Organisational Resilience led by David seemed to generate a great deal of interest. David has since tuned his Health Awareness Toolkit which can be found here.


It seems we have been planning for a return to the workplace since the day after we went into lockdown. By the middle of May, the practicalities of a return were becoming apparent. Yvonne Castle from Johnnie Johnson was our guest speaker as we looked at our SAFE methodology for allowing our teams to resume their duties.

Return to the Workplace will not take place for many teams for several weeks and our Information Pack will be useful for many months to come and we can help you prepare.


Golden Marzipan’s digital roots have led to many conversations about the rapid transformation of services using technology and data. Our #11 briefing on the ABC of digital transformation covered:

Click on the graphic for more details from Steve and Andrew.



Many have seen this horrible pandemic as an opportunity to embrace change in the way things are done in social housing. The session that created most comment featured guest speaker Fay Selvan (Chair of Jigsaw and CEO of Big Life Group). Fay set out a ten-point blueprint for change:

1.     Remote working for teams

2.     Turbo-charged decision making

3.     Organisational agility

4.     New supply chains

5.     Caring leadership

6.     Better investment

7.     Improving our environment

8.     Ability to adapt and change

9.     Adopting new technology

10.  Reimaging social housing

Read more details from Peter. We will be following up this event with a round-table discussion on the future of social housing.

So, there you have the greatest hits from volume 1. Will there be a second difficult album? Or will we have Now That’s What I Call Zoom v23 in five years’ time?

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