The Magenta Quest (Episode 2)

The Magenta Quest Episode 2 of the adventurous expedition undertaken by a Fiona Astor and her band of colleagues as they make their perilous journey along the  Magenta Way. A great example of the power of storytelling. After our first episode on The Magenta Quest, Fiona Astor Assistant Director at Magenta Living, brings her ongoing, bold Magenta Way epic back.

For this chapter, we were also be joined by Jayne Winders, Executive Director of Customer Excellence, who shared more on her personal story at Magenta. So, what are their main challenges and successes, and what does it mean to be a real agent of change for them?

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, Magenta Living had to undergo significant change due to a regulatory downgrade. They recognised that the organisation had become hampered by deep silos and lack of customer focus. So, to overcome their past mistakes, the team worked hard to turn the organisation’s loss of identity into an inspirational organisational restructuring.

Fiona speaking to us the second chapter on The Magenta Quest. 

“The culture now at Magenta is amazing and the energy is incredible”, said Fiona. “My role is to encapsulate all that energy and turn into transformation program, taking Magenta forward”.

Empowerment is the key here. How do you embrace performance and culture? These are the key highlights of the current quest:

  • Customer Experience Project Launch – in collaboration with the Golden Marzipan Group.
  • Coaching Culture Development – having a clear vision and pursuing it.
  • Complaints Projects – an improvement of almost 98.4% of the complaints being delivered within 10 days.
  • Rising Stars Programme – investing in people.
  • The Exec Sponsor – the journey of the executives
Customer Experience Project Launch

Some of the progress that has been achieved at Magenta is due to a collaborative customer experience project between Magenta and the Golden Marzipan. “This project is made of different layers”, said Fiona and “it is about the empowerment of colleagues, and clients; an end-to-end customer experience”.

As a part of this project, Golden Marzipan will be delivering a series of workshops including the Executive team.  A review of the current Customer Experience will be one of the topics covered in these sessions. Then, the GM group will also work with Magenta as a project team to “to design a new Customer Strategy  “, explained Fiona.

Simultaneously, “we’ll have some workshops with customers talking about key issues and asking them about their opinion and feedback, as well”, continued Fiona. Finally, we will be developing a new “customer experience panel”, concluded Fiona.

Visionary leaders have always looked beyond what’s simply visible in the horizon. They visualise better futures.

A Joyful Journey

Jayne, as Executive Director of Customer Excellence, is responsible for corporate duties delivered as part of the Executive Leadership Team. She explained that after a rebranding process, Wirral Partnership Homes became Magenta Living.

“Our main focus has been on culture and on customer excellence”, affirmed Jayne. She continued, “we have worked hard to bring the value of accountability back”. She also emphasised that she has had a “very emotional response to our transition and transformation”.

Jayne Winters specifically talked about the challenges of communication and effective governance.

Agents of Change for the Organisation

The change agent challenge is one of the most critical issues to tackle in any given organisational culture. Here, at Golden Marzipan, we think that they are 8 consistent factors that contribute to creating lasting organisational change. These nine  agents of change are:

  • Increase urgency
  • Communicate
  • Create quick wins
  • Build the Design Team
  • Don’t give up
  • Get the right vision
  • Empower action
  • Make it stick

The Golden 9 Agents of Change

Ambition, Vision and Commitment

Both Jayne and Fiona concluded that they believe they have begun the creation of an environment that enables them to have……

 “We have brilliant people at Magenta, working incredibly hard. Their heart is at the right place”  – Fiona Astor, Magenta Living.

If you would like to hear more about the Magenta Quest or want to recap on the earlier episode either drop us a line on or click on the link below.

The Magenta Quest (Episode 1)

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