The Magenta Quest (Episode 1)

Never underestimate the power of  Transformational Leadership. When looking at factual changes in a company’s culture, transformational leadership happens to be the most crucial factor for driving long-lasting change within an organisation.

In our latest Breakfast Briefing, Fiona Astor, Assistant Director at Magenta Living, introduced us to Magenta’s transformational journey. In this first chapter, we started setting the scene: the organisational restructuring at Magenta’s. What challenges are they anticipating facing along the way?

The Magenta Quest

At Golden Marzipan, we all enjoy a good plot.  Peter Lunio, Director of Golden Marzipan, says “never underestimate the power of storytelling”. We understand the power and energy emanating from a captivating story. And when a story conveys a meaningful digital-driven message for our audience, we like to celebrate!

Fiona opened us a door to a world of enchantments and challenges in this Magenta Quest. Her illustrative Disney epic creates powerful parallelisms that bring to life the classic archetypes among some of the most loved children’s tales.

Fiona Astor, Assistant Director at Magenta Living, introducing The Magenta Quest project

A Blank Canvas

New and fresh. There is a sense of transformation and a desire to make Magenta great again. And they have the energy, the desire, and the commitment to this journey.

Typical of Magenta’s Living new voice, Fiona sets the tone for a new, exciting project incorporating new ways of leadership, bringing emotions back to the workplace. At the core of their DNA, we find a desire to hear the voices of team members and improving how employers, employees and clients interact in a harmonious way.

Her narrative has much to do with turning a company’s loss of identity and pride into an organisational restructuring, embedding their structure with pillars of positivity, senior leadership team additions, and just modelling doing a good job with the right behaviours.

The Archenemies

But every story has its evil characters. Among the main enemies of this fantastic tale, we find:

  • A traumatizing history – with the effects of a regulatory downgrade.
  • Silo working – with some precedents of having a systemic tunnel vision at the company.
  • A mixed IT legacy – with customer experience suffering from different systems that weren’t integrated.

We all have read good stories about heroes and villains in our childhood

 The Heroes

 “We are working a lot on it’s okay to be a bit emotive to bring emotion into the workplace. We want people to bring themselves to work.” 

In summary, this is a journey transforming the weaknesses into strengths. Where once they were obscurities Magenta starts to have:

  • Empowerment: Giving people the room and space to make decisions, while coaching them in a new way (e.g. the Rising Stars programme.)
  • Customer and Colleague panels: Which processes do customers and colleague engage in? How can we be innovative? How are we going to tackle these improvements?
  • Process Improvement Project: reviewing and redesigning customer complaints, taking ownership for decisions, and having the right data (Golden Record)
  • Partnership with Golden Marzipan – digital transformation experts with a co-development approach
To hear and see more, here is Fiona’s presentation in full:

Starting the Journey

Golden Marzipan has been supporting Magenta Living with our Agile Process Sprints. Richard Shenton, our Customer Experience Transformation expert, was curious about how Magenta’s agile journey looked like. “Which tips or advice would you give for the people who are taking the organisation on an agile journey, going from traditional to agile?”, he said. Fiona emphasized the idea of stealth, and also tackling problems and trying new things with confidence.

We’ll keep studying The Magenta Quest in future episodes. Stay tuned and save the date on your calendar for episode two.

One of the quotations that Fiona mentioned in her presentation on Transformation: “First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” (W. Disney)

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