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Effectively gather, process, store, retrieve, and utilise data and documents for informed decision-making and enhancing service delivery.

What does good look like? Our guide to creating digital standards and improving your skills, capacity and capabilities.

Core Applications

  • Housing Management System (HMS) is deployed to manage key housing operational services including tenant applications, allocation of properties, rent collection, tenancy management and repair and maintenance tracking.
  • Asset Management System is deployed to track the condition of properties, schedule maintenance, and forecast lifecycle costs. Records information required to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Financial Management System is deployed to manage financial data, such as income, expenditure, and budgeting. The system is consistent with HMRC and UK accounting standards.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application captures every contact with tenants (residents, customers). Records communication history, preferences, issues raised, and other pertinent information. Data is used to identify trends, understand tenant needs, and improve services.


Collection Tools

  • Ensure robust data collection methods and tools (including IoT devices) are in place to collect and store data. Steps are taken to ensure data quality by implementing processes for data cleaning and validation. This could involve using data validation rules, regular data audits, or data quality software.


Data Analytics

  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Tools such as Tableau, Power BI or Qlik are used to analyse data and identify trends, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and make predictions based on historical data. GIS applications can help visualise and analyse data in a geographic context.
  • Data should be used to understand customer behaviours and needs better. This could involve creating customer personas based on their behaviours or preferences, or using sentiment analysis on customer feedback, or implementing personalisation based on customer data.


Document Management

  • Document management storage application provides a centralised and structured platform for storing, organising, and retrieving documents. The application features version control, access control, document searchability, and collaboration capability.


Open Data

  • Data should be integrated from different systems using data integration tools, creating data warehouses, or implementing a data lake strategy.
  • Ability to share data with partners or stakeholders where appropriate (and compliant with data protection regulations). This could involve using APIs to share data with partners, participating in data-sharing initiatives, or publishing open data for public use.



The Marzipan Way is a framework for managing digital transformation in social housing. One page, one section or the whole set of standards, there is something to learn for everyone.

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