Innovation and collaboration

Innovation and Collaboration │Digital Transformation

Participation, collaboration, and innovation with the wider digital ecosystem, including local communities, government bodies, and industry networks.

What does good look like? Our guide to creating digital standards and improving your skills, capacity and capabilities.

Regulation and Policy

  • Keeps abreast of policies and regulations from government agencies to that affect digital services. Collaboration with local government bodies to ensure digital services align with public policy goals, such as digital inclusion and accessibility. Utilising government grants or funding opportunities for digital projects and initiatives.


Active Participation

  • Meaningful engagement with the wider digital ecosystem is about more than just attending meetings or events. It involves active participation, collaboration, and a commitment to learning from others and sharing your own knowledge and experience.
  • Active membership in industry associations and/or sector networks to remain informed about digital trends and best practices. Collaborating with peers on shared digital challenges or initiatives, such as cybersecurity threats or digital standards and best practices.
  • Collaborating with digital providers on projects or initiatives that improve digital services for tenants. Establishing partnerships with tech companies or digital service providers to access specialised expertise or resources. Participation in industry events and conferences.



  • Participating in or sponsoring local technology-focused events, hackathons, or meetups. Participating in or initiating pilot projects or trials of new digital services or technologies. Engaging with start-ups, innovation labs, or research institutions to explore new digital technologies or approaches.
  • Promoting transparency and collaboration through open data initiatives. Sharing insights, data, or success stories with the wider digital ecosystem to contribute to collective learning and progress.
  • Engages in partnerships with universities, innovation hubs, or research institutions to access new ideas and cutting-edge technology.



The Marzipan Way is a framework for managing digital transformation in social housing. One page, one section or the whole set of standards, there is something to learn for everyone.

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