Four Ways We Help You Deliver Change

Over the past year, many organisations have displayed incredible agility to maintain services. They have responded proactively to changes in their customers’ and employees’ circumstances.

Fortunately, we’ve observed a housing industry tendency to seeking to reassure, engage and provide appropriate advice and support.

Still, other organisations have struggled to adapt, or failed to engage proactively, adding to the disruption and anxiety experienced by customers and employees.

There has clearly been significant growth in online services, digital innovation and exciting new ways of delivering services. Consequently, this has resulted in a significant investment in new technologies, buying apps, portals, IOT kit, smart homes, etc.

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According to McKinsey, “Transformations are hard, and digital ones are harder.”

However, when aking about post-pandemic technology strategies, we don’t see a lot of examples of it being developed alongside operational delivery. The inherent risk in this is a short-term approach to technology investment, which means you may end up with a lot of expensive, underutilised kit in a few years.

At Golden Marzipan, we are all about helping clients deliver change sustainably. We are professionals integrating a technology strategy with efficient operational delivery.

Read more about what our clients and friends say on how we have supported them in delivering change.

1. Knowledge Sharing and Support

We established our Breakfast Briefings, a weekly virtual meeting for friends and colleagues where we could share stories, provide support and consider the options for the future.

We got some outstanding guest speakers. Individually and collectively, they all shared the same thing.

There’s a chance to do things differently, and to change for the better.

You have perfected the idea of bringing together the right people and the right speakers and an audience who are keen to listen and learn and contribute, it’s very much a two-way, conversational piece.”

Nick Atkin | Chief Executive, Yorkshire Housing


“I found the breakfast briefings accessible, focussed, relevant in the moment and challenging.  Though what I found most interesting and challenging was the speakers from the private sector.”

Paul Smith | Chair of the Weaver Vale Board


“I have seen people wanting to learn just from each other in the sector. So that is how it felt to me, just bringing together good people in the sector that have all got issues, and then sharing them.”

Jenny Osbourne | TPSA Chief Executive & Chair, Stockport Homes

Friends of GM – Feedback Panel

2. Our Sector Knowledge

Our starting point is that we understand the sector as we collectively have over 75 years of experience of working in the sector and the current issues facing housing associations.

This is coupled with subject matter expertise in Digital, Agile, Customer Experience, Transformation, and Cultural Change.  

“I think Golden Marzipan, is well connected and well respected. You always have a great variety of people and contacts that you can encourage to come along to these events, which means you get a much richer debate and a much richer and engaging session.”

Steve Allcock | Director of Data & Digital Transformation, Johnnie Johnson


“I get the impression that you want to share both your experience and that of others for the greater good and yes if some work falls out of this then that’s fine but it’s not the main reason.”

Paul Smith | Chair of the Weaver Vale Board


“I think you come across as really understanding the sector and the pressures that the sector is under, and the challenges that they face.”

Jenny Osbourne | TPAS Chief Executive & Chair, Stockport Homes

3. Our Tailored Approach

We take each assignment as an individual issue. Therefore, our solutions are bespoke to that client.

We use a team of artisan practitioners that have decades of experience working to modernise businesses.

Some of our main products and services listed.

We work hands-on as well as advising Boards, and we’ve won awards for the improvements we’ve made.

We believe in challenging the status quo, thinking differently, and then sharing our learning.  

“I think Golden Marzipan is a really helpful organisation with lots of useful ideas that enables the sharing of those ideas. I have seen the organisations that have used your consultants, and they’ve added value around transformation.”

Gail Teasdale | CEO, Broadacres.


“I see Golden Marzipan as a group of professional and caring advisors. I see you really  to make a difference for the client and It is I think it is beyond just having that professional kind of code. I think you genuinely do want to see a difference, and I sense that it really  to you.”

Cath Purdy | CEO, South Lakes Housing


“I have truly valued your open and honest feedback on things we are doing and the way we have been able to shape workshops together. So that is how I describe Golden Marzipan. not your typical management or digital consultancy, but a true friend who works with you.”

Fiona Astor | Transformation Director, Magenta Living.

4. Delivering Change

Our aim is to always ensure that the work we do aligns with the organisation’s strategic objectives. We also aim for pragmatic and practical, delivering value for money.

To do that, we have devised an innovative solution called the Battenburg – which combines the key technologies: digital, analytics, rapid process change and automation coupled with a fifth ingredient, the people and culture.

Hence our name, Golden Marzipan.

Golden Marzipan Values
Our recipe for success is the Golden Marzipan

The key to our clients is that we know how to combine them effectively to produce lasting change.

“I think the work we have had from Golden Marzipan on the IT Governance support has been really pragmatic and thoughtful. There has been, a real sort of keenness to understand where the piece of work that we have had done sits within our wider plans for, with the added benefit that we get practical use from that work.”

Nick Atkin | Chief Executive, Yorkshire Housing.


“Golden Marzipan are very approachable, accessible and responsible even though we are thousands of miles apart and in a different time zone. I see the team as being nimble, providing valued guidance and solutions. Though they are strategic, it is delivered with empathy and humour.”

Angela Cooke | Vice President of Operations, British Columbia Housing.


“What is has been really surprising is a lot of senior leadership team were a little bit sceptical about we’re bringing someone new to work with us on these big meaty issues. And the feedback has been phenomenal. What we achieved in two or three hours is way beyond what we thought we could achieve in maybe three or four months, because you just facilitate the conversation.”

Fiona Astor | Transformation Director Magenta Living.

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As a result of the pandemic, clients are seeking to deal with organisations that not just have the sector and technical capabilities but ‘do the right thing’ and demonstrate they care about their clients.  

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Our 5 major Agents for Change at Golden Marzipan

If you are seeking advice on your change initiative from an organisation guided by lasting agents for change, then contact us on

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