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This free downloadable planner includes everything you’ll need to prepare for your Design Sprint experience.

Design Thinking can reduce design and delivery time by 75%, often reducing an eight-month project to three or four months by focusing on specific problems and rapidly prototyping and testing potential solutions.

Plan ahead to succeed

Design sprints are a good investment for five reasons:

  1. Complete a month’s worth of work in a week
  2. Gather user feedback before it’s too late
  3. Improve team visibility and alignment
  4. Increase project speed and momentum
  5. Encourage an innovative culture


You need the right people, the right space, and the right supplies to succeed. We’ll walk you through the critical elements you’ll need for a successful Sprint – and why they’re important.

Finally, we have a list of questions you should answer before beginning a Design Sprint in order to get the most out of it. Our questions will keep you on track before you begin your Sprint, from why you’re doing it and where, to who is the Decider.

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For more information on Design Sprints, download our guide to Rapid process Design Sprints.

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