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Clarity and comprehensiveness of the provider’s digital strategy, and its alignment with overall organisational objectives.

What does good look like? Our guide to creating digital standards and improving your skills, capacity and capabilities.


  • Social housing associations should promote innovation and digital inclusion for the benefit of residents, staff, and governors. Digital is an essential part of social housing to improve social effectiveness and value for money
  • A digital strategy should be planned, permit evolution and be updated every two years. Users should be consulted on the content and priorities for the future.
  • The digital strategy should be aligned to the overall business direction, strategy and plans as approved by the Board. It should:
    • show clear linkages with other business strategies
    • provide information and assurance to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risks
    • maintain customer, property, compliance, and financial records safely and securely.
  • Consider how technology is used by people within the organisation especially in developing new capabilities and organisational structures and attracting and retaining the best talent.
  • Consider how the sector and organisation is challenged and strengthened by digital emerging social, financial, policy and technology research and analytical reports [currently]:
    • Better Social Housing Review
    • Customer of the Future
    • Regulator Social Housing Annual Sector Risk Profile
    • Regulator Social Housing Report in Tenancy Satisfaction Measures
    • Housing Ombudsman Spotlight Report of Knowledge and Information Management (KIM)
  • Consider how data, information and records can improve financial and non-financial performance, accelerating decision making and improving outcomes for residents. May be part of sub-strategy relating to data.
  • Is future focussed, including how and why the organisation can take advantage of continually emerging best practices such as agile, DevOps, cloud-native. Is open-minded to experimentation and innovation and is open to new technology developments.
  • Includes environmental and social sustainability. Incorporates ESG measures, goals, and plans for products, procurement and how technology is used.



The Marzipan Way is a framework for managing digital transformation in social housing. One page, one section or the whole set of standards, there is something to learn for everyone.

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