Breakfast Briefing: Why do rapid process Design Sprints work?

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8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
21 Oct 2022

Virtual Event

The Rapid Process Design Sprint approach addresses challenges in innovation by emphasising engagement, dialogue, and learning, by specifically involving customers or users in the development of solutions, and by supplying structure to the process.

In this Breakfast Briefing, you will learn

  • What are Design Sprints?
  • Why do Design Sprints work?
  • When to use them?

We will be joined by Fiona Astor, Transformation Director who will share with you practical examples of the use of Design Sprints at Magenta Living.







  • Fiona Astor
    Fiona Astor
    Director of Transformation at Magenta Living

    A lateral thinker and problem solver who has a natural ability to see how organisations can achieve their objectives. I have been working as a Transformation Director and trusted advisor to the C-Suite and Board throughout my career due to my talent for lateral thinking. I successfully delivered strategy reviews, influenced organisational culture and redesigned operating models saving £M in costs and resetting the organisation’s vision. I help the organisations I work for to navigate complex and difficult change successfully and achieve their vision.

  • Rebecca Stockdale
    Rebecca Stockdale
    Golden Marzipan - Design Sprint Facilitator

    Rebecca is a skilled workshop facilitator and creative thinker. She has over a decade of experience in digital, process transformation, user experience, and innovation, and she enjoys assisting teams in meeting their objectives. She creates low-risk, widely adopted solutions as a lean practitioner with a user-centric approach.

    She understands how to create unified teams that thrive as a positive and organisational psychologist and accredited coach. Teams can unleash their creative side and develop innovative solutions by utilising emotional intelligence while developing psychological safety in a fun and playful environment.