Understanding The Customer of the Future in Social Housing

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
23 Jun 2023

Virtual Event

Prepare for the future of social housing by attending an enlightening briefing with Dr Simon Williams (CMRS, FCIH). Gain valuable insights from his latest research paper, which explores the “customer of the future in social housing” and its implications for the sector.

During this briefing, Dr Williams will delve into the key trends and findings from his research, which engaged 35 experts from sectors including social housing policy organisations, global technology companies, senior leaders, and front-line staff. Learn how these trends will impact the social housing sector over the next 3 to 5 years, and discover strategies to adapt to these changes.

Key topics covered in the briefing will include:

  • Higher expectations for the quality of services received and the quality of homes provided, combined with an increasing willingness and means to publicly challenge standards when they are not met.
  • The crucial role of technology in delivering efficient services and enhancing customer experiences.
  • The importance of social housing providers becoming more customer/human-centric and responsive to evolving needs and expectations.

Dr Williams brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to advancing the social housing sector. His expertise offers invaluable guidance for social housing providers, policymakers, and sector leaders who want to stay ahead in this dynamic landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Dr Williams’ expertise, where you can engage with him and ask your questions about the future of social housing. Equip your organisation with the knowledge it needs to thrive in the years to come by attending this insightful event.







  • Dr. Simon Williams
    Dr. Simon Williams
    MD, Service Insights Ltd / Associate Faculty (Information Management & Operations Management), Leeds University Business School

    Dr. Simon Williams is a renowned expert in service performance improvement, specialising in customer satisfaction feedback, service quality enhancement, and exceptional service experiences.
    As the Managing Director of Service Insights, a market research and business consulting firm, he leads a team dedicated to elevating customer experiences and optimising service performance across various industries.
    Service Insights is proudly affiliated with the Market Research Society as a Company Partner and holds esteemed accreditation from the British Standards Institution for the ISO9001 quality standard. Driven by Simon’s passion for innovation and excellence, Service Insights consistently delivers leading-edge solutions and insights that empower organisations to surpass customer expectations and excel in an ever-changing market landscape

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