How to Run a Design Sprint for Creativity & Collaboration in Social Housing

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
06 Dec 2022

Social housing expert change advisors, Rebecca Stockdale (Master Sprint Facilitator) and Peter Lunio (Director) from Golden Marzipan, welcome you to join us at Yorkshire Housing in Leeds for a taster session on Design Sprints.

Design Sprints, which were created by Google Ventures, help organisations quickly solve problems. They support a proposed solution with data and evidence, boosting adoption whilst lowering the risks connected with change projects. Design Sprints can help teams work together toward a common goal, provide important business insight, or get to the heart of a creative challenge or problem.

To support adoption within your organisation, the session will give you an understanding of the approach and explain the advantages of using it as well as how to promote an experimental culture.

What to expect?

We will guide you through each of the five Design Sprint stages and associated exercises, explaining how and why they all work together and how they fit together. You will learn how to foster an experimental culture, identify situations in which Design Sprints can be best used, and who in your organisation is best suited to implement these techniques.

How you’ll learn?

The workshop will consist of collaborative sessions and facilitation simulations. Along with learning the why and how of Sprints, you’ll get to practise some of the techniques. This will involve working with other participants, learning by doing, and seeing how the approach can help teams align and shift perspectives. There will be plenty of time for Q/A.

Key takeaways

•A plan with easy-to-execute changes to address key issues which can be made upon returning to your business

• Identify problems within your association where a Sprint could help create momentum

• Understand when and why you should run Sprints

• Discover the power of experiments

Who would benefit from attending?

Board Members/Executives/ Managers with roles in Transformation/Digital/Culture Change Initiatives

At our recent breakfast briefing on Design Sprints, here is some of the feedback we received.

• “The Sprint approach in general sounds positive”

• “Thanks so much all, I just want to give Sprints a go now!”

• “Thank you for sharing a really interesting subject on Sprints.”

• “Thanks both – great session and I’m keen to get involved in a Design Sprint now”

In addition, there will also be time to tour Yorkshire Housing’s new hub ‘The Place’ as well as time for networking, and lunch is provided.

The event is finished.

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