How GDPR can be the Biggest Asset in Your Digital Transformation

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8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
09 Jun 2023

Virtual Event

Digital transformation can be challenging and complex; juggling budgets, stakeholders, time restraints, etc.

Throwing the GDPR into the mix might feel like an added complication; Data Protection legislation, and the people who try to ensure compliance, are often seen as blockers to the organisation’s goals, especially when it comes to digital transformation. But in this session, you’ll learn how to turn that perception around, and how the GDPR can be your biggest asset in your digital transformation, instead of an obstacle.

Clare draws on 25 years of experience in Risk Management and Quality Assurance, as well as 10+ years specialising in data protection, to ensure her advice is clear and practical. She is a firm believer that data protection professionals can be, and should be, builders instead of blockers. Having worked in and with the social housing sector for 17 years, Clare understands the challenges that providers face; with her small team, she helps her clients find pragmatic solutions that build trust and help clients achieve their purpose.





  • Clare Paterson
    Clare Paterson

    Clare Paterson is the dynamic Director and owner of CP Data Protection, who brings over 20 years of experience in quality assurance and risk management to the table, including a decade specialising in data protection. Clare founded CP Data Protection with a singular, powerful vision – to provide businesses with practical, real-world guidance on data protection matters.
    Clare has consistently heard the frustrations of clients lamenting that data protection advice often feels like a mere restatement of the law, lacking any actionable steps. To address this, Clare is dedicated to partnering with you, gaining a deep understanding of your business requirements, and delivering pragmatic advice tailored to your unique needs.