“If had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford

Andrew Giles

Technology Lead
A reflective, hard-working personality, Andrew Giles is the Technology Lead at Golden Marzipan. As an expert software engineer, he is responsible for aligning the group with a strong technical direction. In a supportive way, he’s been establishing a technical vision, while managing the technical quality of team deliverables. Among his many responsibilities, Andy also runs the group’s Agile Tech alongside the ICT risks. Having previously worked as an IT director of two housing associations, he’s always been driven by honesty, integrity and loyalty. He has a passion to do the right thing. During his free time, he really likes to enjoy his holidays, eating out and hill walking.

“The show must go on!””

Freddie Mercury, Queen

Katy Dungworth

Events Manager

Behind our friendliest smile, we find Katy Dungworth, Golden Marzipan’s Event Manager. A high-level project deliverer and a great people-person, she’s spent 10 years working within events, concerts and ticketing as well as programming iconic venue’s schedules in Manchester. Although, virtual events don’t come without their challenges, Katy excel at having a contagious enthusiasm and a hard-working attitude. When it comes to planning and delivering Golden Marzipan’s weekly virtual Breakfast Briefing, it’s her job to plan the logistics and make sure everything runs like clockwork. She’s also a facilitator and business support on the virtual workshops we run. She thoroughly enjoys running, karaoke singing and musical – specially Hamilton.

“The secret is to begin today.”

Oriana Gorrin

Oriana Gorrin

Content Writer

A change advocate, Oriana Gorrin is the Content Writer at Golden Marzipan. She helps out by supporting the group’s business development activity with engaging content that resonates with clients. This lifelong learner has been into teaching for almost half a decade before deciding to put to good use her storytelling skills. Open-minded and a perfectionist at heart, she has a firm commitment to offer high-quality copy that inspires. She thrives by having the chance to contribute in a relaxed, collaborative environment like the Golden Marzipan. In her free time, Oriana likes finding inspiration for her work by enjoying the beauties of local nature through strolling, chasing epic sunsets, or simply travelling abroad.

“There is no cure or improving of the world that does not begin with the individual self.”

 Carl Jung

Suzanne Shaw

Learning & Development Consultant

Optimistic and passionate about her work, Suzanne Shaw is the Learning and Development Consultant of the Golden Marzipan Group. She helps people to be their personal best whilst working collaborative with others. She has worked with a number of Housing Associations over the last 10 years introducing ‘Insights Discovery’ and cascading it through management tiers. A warm practitioner, she is inspired by the passion that the team have in making a difference A dependable facilitator and a gifted listener, Suzanne enjoys the great outdoors by running, walking, and playing tennis in her free time. To compensate this, she also enjoys eating her daughter’s amazing cakes!


"What you think is impossible now is simply a string of possibilities conceived of and slowly sewn together."

Sean Sankey

Sean Sankey


Sean is the master at bringing clarity to any situation. Through his cleverly designed and expertly facilitated workshops, he enables senior teams to chew through and align on tough decisions. Whether these are sprints, panels or process design sessions the outcome is always the same – designing, deciding then implementing something that matters.

Having worked as a consultant since 2011, Sean has had some major career highlights including a visit to Google in San Francisco where he helped to deliver training on the latest thinking and practice for running high-end workshops to solve complex problems. When not bringing clarity to the boardroom, Sean is a proud daddy and husband, contributor at church, avid reader and yoga practitioner – which he says helps him to “stave of the pains of getting older.”

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity"

Albert Einstein

Alex Green

Marketing Communications Strategist

Alex is the Marketing Communications Strategist here at Golden Marzipan. As well as keeping us focused on optimising our marketing approach, she also advises clients on their internal and external communications to help embed change. With over 20 years experience, Alex has focused on the social housing and housing regeneration sector for the majority of her career, with her last in-house role being head of communications at Bromford Group.  She has a breadth of experience across both traditional and digital communications and she loves  devising a well-rounded campaign to meet a client’s objectives. Personable and enthusiastic, Alex loves nothing more than baking a delicious cake or cooking up a new recipe in her spare time.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

Charles Darwin

Elaine Atkin

Transformation & Organisational Development

Elaine Atkin is our Transformation and Organisational Development specialist at Golden Marzipan. With a curated focus on execution, she is responsible for change management in Golden Marzipan’s business development. In her sturdy hand lies the challenge to transform the very nature of our business.

Lynne Mills customer experience

“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company.”

Tony Hsieh

Lynne Mills

Customer experience lead

Lynne is the Golden Marzipan master of customer experience. A strategic leader with over 30 years of experience in the commercial and not for profit sectors; she has excellent knowledge of business management, strategy and sales. Lynne has held key roles in BT, O2, Cap Gemini, and The Institute of Customer Service, where for the last 8 years she has worked with CEOs to help improve their business results, particularly around the customer experience.

With a passion for embedding outstanding service across organisations, Lynne helps our clients to achieve genuine customer-centricity, leading to service improvement, sustained growth and profitability. A great lover of the outdoors and sunshine, Lynne also enjoys cooking and sampling fine foods.


“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

Charles Darwin

Louise Cope

Change specialist

With over 25 years of experience working at a senior level in both service leadership and change, Louise has a strong track record and reputation for making a difference to individuals, teams, and organisations. An MBA graduate and practitioner in Change Management, Managing Successful Projects, Agile and Prince2 Project Management, Louise brings experience from many different specialisms, including IT, digital product development and implementation, merger and acquisitions and large-scale people re-structure to name a few. 

With a passion for travel, Louise loves to explore some of the world’s most beautiful locations – enjoying a glass of wine and delicious local food along the way.